Advantages of the solar water heater
20 Mar 2013

The direct advantages of having a solar water heater are:

a. Up to 80% savings on your water heating bills. There is a reduced amount of electricity or other fossil fuels (gas, electricity, etc) needed to heat your water. The solar-heated hot water can be used directly (showers, baths, laundry, kitchen);

b. To pre-heat domestic water prior to switching to the conventional heating system (running on fossil fuels). This reduces the energy used by your conventional heater as the water is already pre warmed.

c. Durability. By being made of stainless steel, the boiler will last around 10-15 years depending on how regularly it is serviced;

d. The solar water heating system requires very little maintenance (see maintenance);

e. Because thermo-dynamics circulate the thermal fluids in the closed circuit, no electrical pump is needed for the system to work, reducing the possibility of leakage, system failure (if the pump stops for any reason) and expenses (for the pump and electricity used to run it).