Natural Lighting Tubes

Add Soft, Natural Light To Any Dark Room In Your Home

Tubular skylights harness the natural light of the sun and reflect it into your home filling it with bright, pure light. Sunlight has been proven to be psychologically and physiologically better for us than incandescent or fluorescent lighting. And because sunlight is free, a tubular skylight lights your home without using electricity – saving you money!

Once Installed, You’re Set – No Maintenance

Natural Light Tubular Skylights are precision-engineered to withstand any weather and we back it up with a 25 year product warranty. On the roof, both the dome and flashing are designed to prevent any leaking or condensation build-up. Inside your home, the ceiling collar creates a tight fit to ensure a moisture and dust free seal.

Natural Cooling and Ventilation
  1. Brand new design using latest computerized technology; removing heat, humidity, dust/sand and fumes better than ANY other ventilation product.
  2. Increases productivity by 15%+. Reduce absenteeism, staff turnover.
  3. Reduces maintenance, lubrication and breakdowns of machinery.
  4. Needs no maintenance, repair or replacement (20 year warranty).
  5. Works 24/7, removing heat and humidity from buildings at night.
  6. ROI: 2-4 years. Less than 1 year,If replacing/instead of electrical exhaust fans.
Smart Thermostat 
  • Compliant with European Regulations ERP (Energy Related Products) thanks to its SMART function
  • Reliable mechanical safety cut-out
  • Easy, plug-in connection with same dimension of traditional stem thermostat
  • Customizable interface
  • Saves up to 20% electricity
  • Payback 1 year
Off grid - Stand Alone systems

In an off grid system power is usually generated from solar panels or wind turbines.

This power is then stored into batteries for later use.
This type of system is ideal when there is no electricity supply in the area.

These systems are unique and need to be designed for each individual situation.