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Your Energy Today & Tomorrow

Enable a pathway to carbon neutral energy for today and tomorrow. Offer a range of products and services that deliver tailor-made solutions whilst respecting our planet and the environment. Through our experience and commitment we create value for customers, employees, partners, shareholders and the world around us

About Us
Invest today in a

PV System

We offer a range of Photovoltaic panels, choose from Bifacial, half-cut or shingled panels.

Approved by the Malta Resources Authority for grant schemes

Specifically designed galvanised structures

Return on investment exceeds 20%

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Quality drinking water

Water Filtration

We offer various water filters, from basic 4-in-1 with no wastewater to a 6-stage reverse osmosis for high-quality water filtration.

When purchasing a reverse omosis you will be getting a 15% grant back up to €70 of the total purchased amount

All water filtration units come with a 2 year standard warranty

Maintenance agreement to change filters when required

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Invest in a novotherm

Solar Water Heaters

Novotherm is the leading range of Solar Water Heaters that can be installed on a galvanised steel structure on flat roofs.

Top quality materials copper collectors and stainless-steel boilers

Novotherm solar water heaters have proven technology in the Maltese market for over 25 years

Novotherm solar water heaters come with a 10 year warranty

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Commercial Projects

Trusted with the largest projects