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01What are the dimensions for a solar water heaters?

These are all the different measurements of the Novotherm solar water heaters we provide. The 160L is 170cmx135cmx170cm, 200L 176cmx140cmx170cm & 300L 176cmx270cmx170cm.

02How many litres per person for a solar water heater?

Novotherm 160L - Up to 4 persons
Novotherm 200L – Up to 6 persons
Novotherm 300L- Up to 8 persons

03What is the difference between the 4 in 1 & the 5 stage?

The 4-in-1 Filtration requires no electricity and produces no wastewater. It is easy to install and has 4 stages of filtration in 1 tube. On the other hand, the 5-stage filtration system requires electricity and a drain, and every filter is easily changed since they are separate.

Filters 4 in 1 - every 11,000 litres (every year)

Reverse Osmosis
1st stage - 5 microns – removes sand, silt, and rust particles – every 6 months
2nd Stage – Granular Activated Carbon – absorbs chlorine – yearly
3rd Stage - 5 microns – removes organic matter and other suspended particles – yearly
4th Stage – Membrane – purifies water and separates ions and other molecules – two years
5th Stage - Post Carbon filter – enhances the taste and removes odours. - yearly
6th Stage – remineralizer – adds healthy minerals and improves quality and taste of water - yearly

04What is the total government grant amount?

Up to €10,200

05What is the process when ordering a PV?

The first step is setting up a free site visit by one of our representatives once this is finalised a confirmation of the quote from the client is needed to move forward and create the order. Following this the process to apply for part A of the government grant will start and after approximately 2 to 3 months the approval is received, and the installation of the solar panel structure can be complete.

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