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Welcome to Bajada New Energy the pioneers of solar energy in Malta. Our passion for renewable energy started back in 1989 when we installed the first solar panels at the University of Malta. As the renewable energy sector has evolved, we have kept in touch with the latest technology, and our latest PV systems now come with batteries that enable households to become more self-sustaining. By generating and storing their own energy, households can reduce their reliance on non-renewable sources, lower their energy bills and contribute towards reducing Malta's carbon footprint. At Bajada New Energy, our goal has always been to create a more sustainable future; that’s why we are committed to helping Malta achieve carbon neutrality. By choosing to go green, you're not only making a smart investment in your home or business but also making a positive impact on the environment.

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About PV Panels

  • Eco-friendly - Photovoltaic (PV) panels produce clean and renewable energy, significantly reducing your carbon footprint and contributing towards carbon neutrality.

  • Government Grants - Households are entitled to benefit from up to EUR 3,000 per PV system, up to EUR 3,600 for a battery storage facility, and up to EUR 1,800 for replacing a standard solar inverter with a battery-ready hybrid model. Photovoltaic panels offer a high return on investment(ROI), as they generate electricity, reduce your energy bills and increase the value of your property.

  • Low maintenance - Photovoltaic panels require very little maintenance, making them a convenient and hassle-free energy solution. They have no moving parts, meaning they are durable and long-lasting and require cleaning only occasionally.

Hybrid Inverter

Hybrid inverter manages intermittent energy systems, sending energy to storage(Battery) or grid based on demand and storage status.

Back-up Box

Backup Box controls residential rooftop solar system, switches inverter between grid-tied and off-grid state during power outages.

PV Monitoring

The PV monitoring app lets you track your solar panel system's energy production in real-time on your smartphone or tablet
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Batteries Can Power Your Daily Life

Batteries are a key component in a modern PV system. They store the energy that's generated by the system during the day so that they can be used when the sun isn't shining. This means that homes with batteries can use more of the energy they generate, reducing their reliance on the grid, save money on their bills and reduce their carbon footprint. Batteries also offer a degree of independence and self-sufficiency that's not possible with grid-tied solar systems alone.