Novotherm 160L

Boiler Panel Structure Kit Pre Filter Glycol 10 Years Warranty The 160 litre Novotherm Solar Water Heater is ideal for four people. Novotherm stainless steel solar water heaters are manufactured from premium materials in order to enjoy high efficiency and a long service life. The heater has excellent high and low-temperature resistance and is very resistant to corrosion.
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  • Warranty: 10 years warranty
Code: P-0260
Brand: NOVO
Description & Datasheet

Bajada New Energy has been supplying and servicing Novotherm solar water heaters for the past 15 years in Malta. Novotherm Solar Water Heaters have a reputation for lasting well past their warranty periods and are considered to be some of the most reliable solar water heaters on the market. With Novotherm Solar Water Heaters you actually recover, through savings, your investment quicker than you do on than a PV system. These solar water heaters are an environmentally friendly improvement to your home or business.

This passive solar water heating system includes a storage tank, solar collector and an element that can be used when the weather is not warm enough, which is about one week out of the year. Other technical specifications for this unit include:

Ideal for: up to two to four people

Boiler capacity: 160 litres

Tank Material: Stainless Steel 316L

Pressure: 10 Bar

Number of Panels: 1

Warranty: 10 Years with a government grant

Price includes installation and lifter up to 3 stories